Jaehoon Lim, Ph. D.
   Assistant Professor
   Department of Energy Science
   Sungkyun Institute for Convergence
   Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
   Office: N center, Rm 86576
   e-mail: j.lim [at]
   ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2623-3550


    2003 - 2007

    2007 - 2013

B.S., Seoul National University

Ph.D., Seoul National University (thesis Advisor: Prof. Kookheon Char)


    2013 - 2014

    2014 - 2017

    2017 - 2018

    2018 - 2019

    2020 - today

Post Doc., Seoul Nat'l Univ. (Prof. Changhee Lee)

Post Doc., Chemistry Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States (Dr. V. I. Klimov)

Assistant Research Professor, Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico, United States

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University

Assistant Professor, Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University


Yeongho Choi (최영호)
  • Exploring novel reaction chemistry of heavy metal-free NC emitters
  • E-mail: yhochoi [at]
Hyeonjun Lee (이현준)
  • Development of III-V QDs for QLEDs
  • E-mail: hjlee161 [at]
Byongjae Kim (김병재)
  • Defect and strain engineering in semiconductor NCs
  • E-mail: [at]
Uhjin Kim (김어진)
  • Morphology control of III-V NCs
  • E-mail: 007ujin [at]
Su Jeong Byun (변수정)
  • Transient EL and PL
  • E-mail: tnwjdstst [at]
Jisu Han (한지수)
  • Heavy metal-free blue QDs and QLEDs
  • E-mail: j.han [at]
Woon-ho Jung (정운호)
  • Inorganic charge transport materials and all-inorganic QLEDs
  • E-mail: whojung [at]
Yong Woo Kwon (권용우)
  • All-inorganic QLEDs
  • E-mail: will be updated