Principal Investigator

Jaehoon Lim (임재훈), Ph. D. (ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2623-3550)

Assistant Professor

Department of Energy Science

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Office: N center, Rm 86576

e-mail: j.lim [at]


2003 - 2007  B.S., Seoul National University

2007 - 2013  Ph.D., Seoul National University (thesis Advisor: Prof. Kookheon Char)


2013 - 2014      Post Doc., Inter-university Semiconductor Research Center (supervisor: Prof. Changhee Lee)

2014 - 2017      Post Doc., Chemistry Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory (supervisor: Dr. Victor I. Klimov)

2017 - 2018      Assistant Research Professor, Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico

2018 - 2019      Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University

2020 - today     Assistant Professor, Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University

Graduate Research Students

Yeongho Choi (최영호)

  • Email: yhochoi [at]

  • Topic: Exploring novel reaction chemistry of heavy metal-free NC emitters


Hyeonjun Lee (이현준)

  • Email: hjlee161 [at]

  • Topic: Development of III-V NCs for QD EL devices

Byongjae Kim (김병재)

  • Email: [at]

  • Topic: Defect and strain engineering in semiconductor nanocrystals

Jisu Han (한지수)

  • Email: j.han [at]

  • Topic: Heavy metal-free blue NCs emitters for efficient blue QD EL Devices


Uhjin Kim (김어진)

  • Email: 007ujin [at]

  • Topic: Synthesis of Cd-free QDs

Woon-Ho Jung (정운호)

  • Email: whojung [at]

  • Topic: All-inorganic QLEDs

Dong Hyeon Kim (김동현)

  • Email: dong6882 [at]

  • Topic: Synthesis of Cd-free QDs

Su Jeong Byun (변수정)

  • Email: tnwjdstst [at] 

  • Topic: Time-resolved EL analysis