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Jisu Han, Yeongho Choi, Hyeonjun Lee, and Jaehoon Lim*

In preparation

  • Strain-induced deactivation of trap states enabling near-unity quantum yield of quantum dots

Byong Jae Kim, Yeongho Choi, Ji-Sang Park*, and Jaehoon Lim*

In preparation

Jeong Ha Hwang, Eunyong Seo, Sangwook Park, Kyungjae Lee, Dong Hyun Kim, Seok Hyoung Lee, Yong  Woo Kwon, Jeongkyun Roh, Jaehoon Lim and Donggu Lee*

Materials, 2023, 16(4), 1371.

Seunghyun Rhee, Byeong Guk Jeong, Minseok Choi, Jaeyeop Lee, Woon-ho Jung, Jaehoon Lim, and Roh, Jeongkyun*

ACS Photonics, accepted

Yeongho Choi, Donghyo Hahm, Wan Ki Bae, and Jaehoon Lim*

Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 43.


Heeyoung Jung, Young-Shin Park, Namyoung Ahn, Jaehoon Lim, Igor Fedin, Clement Livache, and Victor Klimov*

Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 3734.

Joon Yup Lee, Eun A Kim, Jisu Han, Yeong-Ho Choi, Donghyo Hahm, Chi Jung Kang, Wan Ki Bae, Jaehoon Lim, Seong-Yong Cho*

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2022, 2200835.


  • Bright and Stable Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Taesoo Lee, Byong Jae Kim, Hyunkoo Lee, Donghyo Hahm, Wan Ki Bae, Jaehoon Lim* and Jeonghun Kwak*

Advanced Materials, 2021, 2106276.

Hyeonjun Lee, Byeong Guk Jeong, Wan Ki Bae, Doh C. Lee* and Jaehoon Lim*

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 5669.

Gi-Hwan Kim, Jongseok Lee, Joon Yup Lee, Jisu Han, Yeongho Choi, Chi Jung Kang, Ki-Bum Kim, Woongkyu Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Seong-Young Cho*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13(36), 43075–43084.

Jeong Ha Hwang, Junmo Kim, Byong Jae Kim, Myeongjin Park, Yong Woo Kwon, Myungchan An, Dong Yeol Shin, Jae Min Jeon, Jun Young Kim, Wonho Lee, JaehoonLim, Donggu Lee*

Applied Surface Science, 2021, 558 (30) 149944.

Donggu Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Chan-Mo Kang, Hyunkoo Lee*

Science of Advanced Materials, 2021, 13(5), 917-921.


  • Optically Pumped Colloidal-Quantum-Dot Lasing in LED-Like Devices with an Integrated Optical Cavity

Jeongkyun Roh, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, and Victor Klimov*

Nature Communications, 2020, 11:271, 1-10.

  • Ligands as Universal Molecular Toolkit in Synthesis and Assembly of Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Hyeonjoon Lee, Da-Eun Yoon, Sungjun Koh, Moon Sung Kang, Jaehoon Lim*, and Doh. C. Lee*

Chemical Science, 2020, 11, 9, 2318-2329.

  • Colloidal quantum dot light-emitting diodes employing solution-processable tin dioxide nanoparticles in an electron transport layer

Myeongjin Park, Jiyun Song, Myungchan An, Jaehoon Lim, Changhee Lee, Jeongkyun Roh,  Donggu Lee*

RSC Advances, 2020, 14, 10, 8261-8265.

  • Improving Performance of Inverted Blue Quantum‐Dot Light‐Emitting Diodes by Adopting Organic/Inorganic Double Electron Transport Layers

Myeongjin Park, Jiyun Song, Heeyoung Jung, Myungchan An, Jaehoon Lim, Changhee Lee, Jeongkyun Roh, Donggu Lee*

Physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters, 2020, 14, 5, 1900737.

  • Double Metal Oxide Electron Transport Layers for Colloidal Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Myeongjin Park, Jeongkyun Roh, Jaehoon Lim, Hyunkoo Lee, Donggu Lee*

Nanomaterials, 2020, 10(4), 726.

  • Enhanced Brightness and Device Lifetime of Quantum Dot Light‐Emitting Diodes by Atomic Layer Deposition

Gi‐Hwan Kim Kyeongchan Noh Jisu Han Minsu Kim Nuri Oh Woongkyu Lee Hyon Bin Na Chansun Shin Tae‐Sik Yoon Jaehoon Lim*, Seong‐Yong Cho*

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2020, 7, 12, 2000343.

  • High-resolution patterning of colloidal quantum dots via non-destructive, light-driven ligand crosslinking

Jeehye Yang, Donghyo Hahm, Kyunghwan Kim, Seunghyun Rhee, Myeongjae Lee, Seunghan Kim, Jun Hyuk Chang, Hye Won Park, Jaehoon Lim, Minkyoung Lee, Hyeokjun Kim, Joohee Bang, Hyungju Ahn, Jeong Ho Cho, Jeonghun Kwak, BongSoo Kim, Changhee Lee, Wan Ki Bae*, Moon Sung Kang*

Nature communications, 2020, 11, 2874.

  • Solution-processable integrated CMOS circuits based on colloidal CuInSe2 quantum dots

Hyeong Jin Yun, Jaehoon Lim, Jeongkyun Roh, Darren Chi Jin Neo, Matt Law, Victor I Klimov

Nature Communications, 2020, 11, 1, 1-10.

  • Solution-Processed Fabrication of Light-Emitting Diodes Using CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals

Chan-Sol Jo, Kyeongchan Noh, Sung Hoon Noh, Hyobin Yoo, Younghoon Kim, Jaeyoung Jang, Hyun Ho Lee, Young-Jin Jung, Jeong-Hwan Lee, Jisu Han, Jaehoon Lim, Seong-Yong Cho*

ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2020, 3, 12, 11801–11810.

  • Tailoring the Electronic Landscape of Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes for High Brightness and Stable Operation

Seunghyun Rhee, Jun Hyuk Chang, Donghyo Hahm, Byeong Guk Jeong, Jaeyoul Kim, Hyunkoo Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Euyheon Hwang, Jeonghun Kwak, Wan Ki Bae*

ACS Nano, 2020, 11, 2874.



  • A “Positive Incentive” Approach to Enhance Operational Stability of Quantum Dot based Light-Emitting Diode

S. Rhee, J. H. Chang, D. Hahm, K. Kim, B. G. Jeong, K. J. Lee, J. Lim, K. Char, C. Lee, W. K. Bae*

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2019, 11, 43, 40252-40259.

  • Hot-electron Dynamics in Quantum Dots Manipulated by Spin-exchange Auger Interactions

R. Singh, W. Liu, J. Lim, I. Robel, V. I. Klimov*

Nature Nanotechnology, 2019, 14, 1035-1041.

  • Synthesis of InP Nanocrystals Using Triphenyl Phosphite as Phosphorus Source

D. Lee, S. Koh, D.-E. Yoon, S. Lee, W. D. Kim, D. Kim, W. K. Bae, J. Lim, D. C. Lee*

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2019, 36, 9, 1518-1526.

  • Direct Cation Exchange of CdSe Nanocrystals into ZnSe Enabled by Controlled Binding Between Guest Cations and Organic ligands

Sooho Lee, Da-Eun Yoon, Dahin Kim, Byeong Guk Jeong, Dongkyu Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Wan Ki Bae, Hyung-Kyu Lim, Doh C Lee*

Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 15072-15082.

  • Effect of Ethanolamine Passivation of ZnO Nanoparticles in Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode Structure

Kyeongchan Noh, Minsu Kim, Sang-Hyun Lee, Hwang-Sik Yun, Tae-Hyeon Lim, Yeongho Choi, Ki-Ju Kim, Yiran Jiang, Keonwon Beom, Minju Kim, Young-Gwang Kim, Pilwoo Lee, Nuri Oh, Bong

Hoon Kim, Chansun Shin, Hyun Ho Lee, Tae-Sik Yoon, Moonsub Shim, Jaehoon Lim, Ki-Bum Kim, Seong-Yong Cho*

Current Applied Physics, 2019, 19, 9, 998-1005.

  • Environmentally Benign Nanocrystals: Challenges and Future Directions

Donghyo Hahm, Donghyun Ko, Byeong Guk Jeong, Sohee Jeong, Jaehoon Lim*, Wan Ki Bae*, Changhee Lee & Kookheon Char*

Journal of Information Technology, 2019, 20:2, 61-72.

  • Pushing the Efficiency Envelope for Semiconductor Nanocrystal-Based Electroluminescence Devices Using Anisotropic Nanocrystals

Whi Dong Kim, Dahin Kim, Da-Eun Yoon, Hyeonjun Lee, Jaehoon Lim*, Wan Ki Bae*, Doh C. Lee*

Chemisry of Materials, 2019, 31, 9, 3066-3082.

  • Design Principle for Bright, Robust, and Color-Pure InP/ZnSexS1–x/ZnS Heterostructures

Donghyo Hahm, Jun Hyuk Chang, Byeong Guk Jeong , Philip Park, Jaeyoul Kim, Seongjae Lee, Jongha Choi, Whi Dong Kim, Seunghyun Rhee, Jaehoon Lim, Doh C. Lee, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char*, and Wan Ki Bae*

Chemistry of Materials, 2019, 31, 9, 3476-3484.

  • Asymmetrically Strained Quantum Dots with Non-fluctuating Single-dot Emission Spectra and Subthermal Room-temperature Linewidths

Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, Victor I. Klimov

Nature Materials, 2019, 18, 249-255.

  • Nanostructured Colloidal Quantum Dots for Efficient Electroluminescence Devices

Wan Ki Bae, Jaehoon Lim*

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2019, 36(2), 173-185.



  • Charge-Transport Mechanisms in CuInSexS2–x Quantum-Dot Films

Hyeong Jin Yun, Jaehoon Lim, Addis S. Fuhr, Nikolay S. Makarov, Sam Keene, Matt Law, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Victor I. Klimov

ACS Nano, 2018, 12 (12), 12587-12596.

  • CdSe Tetrapod Interfacial Layer for Improving Electron Extraction in Planar Hetero-junction Perovskite Solar Cells

Hyunho Lee, Jaehoon Lim,  Jiyun Song, Hyeonjun Heo, Kunsik An, Jaehoon Kim, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char, Hyung-Jun Song, Changhee Lee

Nanotechnology, 2018, 30 (6) 065401.

  • Droop-free Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes

Jaehoon Lim, Young-Shin Park, Kaifeng Wu, Hyeong Jin Yun, Victor I. Klimov

Nano Letters, 2018, 18 (10), 6645-6653.

  • Ligand-Asymmetric Janus Quantum Dots for Efficient Blue-Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Ikjun Cho, Heeyoung Jung, Byeong Guk Jeong, Donghyo Hahm, Jun Hyuk Chang, Taesoo Lee, Kookheon Char , Doh C. Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Changhee Lee , Jinhan Cho, Wan Ki Bae

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2018, 10 (26), 22453-22459.

  • Optical Gain in Colloidal Quantum Dots Achieved with Direct-Current Electrical Pumping

Jaehoon Lim, Young-Shin Park, Victor. I. Klimov

Nature Materials, 2018, 17, 42-49.

2013 - 2017


  • Performance Limits of Luminescent Solar Concentrators Tested with Seed/Quantum-Well Quantum Dots in a Selective-Reflector-Based Optical Cavity

Hyung-Jun Song, Byeong Guk Jeong , Jaehoon Lim, Doh C. Lee, Wan Ki Bae, and Victor I. Klimov

Nano Letters, 2017, 18 (1), 395-404.

  • Towards zero-threshold Optical Gain Using Charged Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Kaifeng Wu, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, and Victor I. Klimov

Nature Nanotechnology, 2017, 12, 1140-1147.

  • Effect of Interfacial Alloying versus “Volume Scaling” on Auger Recombination in Compositionally Graded Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, Nikolay S. Makarov, and Victor I. Klimov

Nano Letters, 2017, 17 (9), 5607–5613.

  • Superposition Principle in Auger Recombination of Charged and Neutral Multicarrier States in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Kaifeng Wu, Jaehoon Lim, V. I. Klimov

ACS Nano, 2017, 11 (8), 8437–8447.

  • Assemblies of Colloidal CdSe Tetrapod Nanocrystals with Lengthy Arms for Flexible Thin-Film Transistors

Hyeonjun Heo, Moo Hyung Lee, Jeehye Yang, Han Sol Wee, Jaehoon Lim, Donghyo Hahm, Ji Woong Yu, Wan Ki Bae, Won Bo Lee, Moon Sung Kang , and Kookheon Char

Nano Letters, 2017, 17 (4), 2433-2439.

  • Quantum Dot Thin-Films as Rugged, High-Performance Photocathodes

Nikolay S. Makarov, Jaehoon Lim, Qianglu Lin, John W. Lewellen, Nathan A. Moody, István Robel , and Jeffrey M. Pietryga

Nano Letters, 2017, 17 (4), 2319-2327.


  • Doctor-blade Deposition of Quantum Dots onto Standard Window Glass for Low-loss Large-area Luminescent Solar Concentrators

Hongbo Li, Kaifeng Wu, Jaehoon Lim, Hyung-Jun Song & Victor I. Klimov

Nature Energy, 2016, 1, 16157.

  • Spectroscopic and Device Aspects of Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, Andrew F. Fidler, Wan Ki Bae, Sergio Brovelli, and Victor I. Klimov

Chemical Reviews, 2016, 116 (18), 10513-10622.

  • Arm length dependency of Pt-decorated CdSe tetrapods on the performance of photocatalytic hydrogen generation

Younghun Sung, Jaehoon Lim, Jai Hyun Koh, Byoung Koun Min, Jeffrey Pyun, Kookheon Char

Korean J. Chem. Eng., 2016, 33 (8), 2287-2290.

  • Quality Factor of Luminescent Solar Concentrators and Practical Concentration Limits Attainable with Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Victor I. Klimov, Thomas A. Baker, Jaehoon Lim, Kirill A. Velizhanin, Hunter McDaniel

ACS Photonics, 2016, 3 (6) 1138-1148.


  • 1 GHz Pentacene Diode Rectifiers Enabled by Controlled Film Deposition on SAM-Treated Au Anodes

Chan-mo Kang, Jessica Wade, Sumin Yun, Jaehoon Lim, Hyunduck Cho, Jeongkyun Roh, Hyunkoo Lee, Sangwook Nam, Donal D. C. Bradley, Ji-Seon Kim, Changhee Lee

Adv. Electron. Mater., 2015, 2 (2), 1500282.

  • Influence of Sequential Ligand Exchange and Elimination on the Performance of P3HT:CdSe Quantum Dot Hybrid Solar Cells

Donggu Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Jun Young Kim, Jiyun Song, Jeonghun Kwak, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char and Changhee Lee

Nanotechnology, 2015, 26 (46), 465401.

  • Uniform decoration of Pt nanoparticles on well-defined CdSe tetrapods and the effect of their Pt cluster size on photocatalytic H2 generation

Younghun Sung,  Jaehoon Lim,  Jai Hyun Koh,  Lawrence J. Hill,  Byoung Koun Min,  Jeffrey Pyun  and  Kookheon Char

CrystEngComm, 2015, 17, 8423-8427.

  • Effect of Auger recombination on lasing in heterostructured quantum dots with engineered core/shell interfaces

Young-Shin Park, Wan Ki Bae, Thomas Baker, Jaehoon Lim, and Victor I. Klimov

Nano Letters, 2015, 15 (11), 7319-7328.

  • Nanostructured Electron-selective Interlayer for Efficient Inverted Organic Solar Cells

Jiyun Song, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, M. Thambidurai, Jun Young Kim, Myeongjin Park, Hyung-Jun Song, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char, and Changhee Lee

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2015, 7 (33), 18460-18466.

  • High-power Genuine Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diodes Based on Colloidal Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Jeonghun Kwak, Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char, Changhee Lee

Nano Letters, 2015, 15 (6), 3793-3799.

  • Soft Contact Transplanted Nanocrystal Quantum Dots for Light-emitting Diodes: Effect of Surface Energy on Device Performance

Hyunduck Cho, Jeonghun Kwak, Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Donggu Lee, Wan Ki Bae, Youn Sang Kim, Kookheon Char, Seonghoon Lee, and Changhee Lee

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (20), 10828-10833.

  • Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Fluorous Liquids for the Construction of Light-emitting Diodes

Myeongjin Park,  Seok-Heon Jung,  Jaehoon Lim,  Dae-Young Kim,  Hee-Jin Kim,  Seungyong Lee,  Heeyoung Jung,  Seonghoon Lee,  Changhee Lee  and  Jin-Kyun Lee

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3 (12), 2759-2762.


  • Influence of Shell Thickness on the Performance of Light-Emitting Devices Based on CdSe/Zn1-XCdXS Core/Shell Heterostructured Quantum Dots

Jaehoon Lim, Byeong Guk Jeong, Myeongjin Park, Jai Kyeong Kim, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Young-Shin Park, Victor I. Klimov, Changhee Lee, Doh C. Lee, Wan Ki Bae

Advanced Materials, 2014, 26 (47), 8034-8040.

  • Strategy for Good Dispersion of Well-Defined Tetrapods in Semiconducting Polymer Matrices

Jaehoon Lim, Lisa zur Borg, Stefan Dolezel, Friederike Schmid, Kookheon Char, Rudolf Zentel

Marcromolecular Rapid Communications, 2014, 35 (19), 1685-1891.

  • R/G/B/Natural White Light Thin Colloidal Quantum Dot-Based Light-Emitting Devices

Wan Ki Bae, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Myeongjin Park, Hyunkoo Lee, Jeonghun Kwak, Kookheon Char, Changhee Lee, Seonghoon Lee

Advanced Materials, 2014, 26 (37), 6387-6393.

  • Reduced Efficiency Roll-Off in Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Quantum Dot-Conducting Polymer Hybrids

Wan Ki Bae, Jaehoon Lim, Matthias Zorn, Jeonghun Kwak, Young-Shin Park, Donggu Lee, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char, Rudolf Zentel, Changhee Lee

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2014, 2, 4974-4979.

  • Highly Confined, Enhanced Surface Fluorescence Imaging with Two-dimensional Silver Nanoparticle Sheets

Eiji Usukura, Shuhei Shinohara, Koichi Okamoto, Jaehoon Lim, Kookheon Char, Kaoru Tamada

Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 104, 121906.

  • One-pot Synthesis of PbS NP/Sulfur-Oleylamine Copolymer Nanocomposites via the Copolymerization of Elemental Sulfur with Oleylamine

Eui Tae Kim, Woo Jin Chung, Jaehoon Lim, Patrick Johe, Richard S. Glass, Jeffrey Pyun, Kookheon Char

Polymer Chemistry , 2014, 5, 3617-3623.

  • Modular Fabrication of Hybrid Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Based on Breakwater-like CdSe Tetrapod Nanocrystal Network Infused with P3HT

Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Myeongjin Park, Jiyun Song, Seonghoon Lee, Moon Sung Kang, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, 118 (8), 3942-3952.


  • Controlling the influence of Auger recombination on the performance of quantum-dot light-emitting diodes

Wan Ki Bae, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Lazaro A. Padilha, Hunter McDaniel, Istvan Robel, Changhee Lee, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Victor I. Klimov

Nature Communications, 2013, 4, 2661.

  • Highly Efficient Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes Enabled by the Direct Formation of Excitons within InP@ZnSeS Quantum Dots

Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Wan Ki Bae, Donggu Lee, Seonghoon Lee, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char

ACS Nano, 2013, 7 (10), 9019-9026.

  • The Effect of Band Gap Alignment on the Hole Transport from Semiconducting Block Copolymers to Quantum Dots

Lisa zur Borg, Donggu Lee, Jaehoon Lim, Wan Ki Bae, Myeongjin Park, Seonghoon Lee, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char, Rudolf Zentel, "", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2013, 1, 1722-1726.

  • Robust, Processable, and Bright Quantum Dot/Organosilicate Hybrid Films with Uniform QD Distribution Based on Thiol-containing Organosilicate Ligands

Heeje Woo, Jaehoon Lim, Yeonju Lee, Jinwoo Sung, Hyunkwon Shin, Jin Mok Oh, Moongoo Choi, Hyunsik Yoon, Wan Ki Bae, Kookheon Char

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2013, 1, 1983-1989.

2009 - 2012


  • Controlled Synthesis of CdSe Tetrapods with High Morphological Uniformity by the Persistent Kinetic Growth and the Halide-Mediated Phase Transformation

Jaehoon Lim, Wan Ki Bae, Ko Un Park, Lisa zur Borg, Rudolf Zentel, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char

Chemistry of Materials, 2012, 25(8), 1443-1449.

  • Layer-by-layer assembled stimuli-responsive nanoporous membranes

Younghyun Cho, Jaehoon Lim, Kookheon Char

Soft Matter , 2012, 8, 10271-10278.

  • Perspective on Synthesis, Device Structures, and Printing Processes for Quantum Dot Displays

Jaehoon Lim, Wan Ki Bae, Jeonghun Kwak, Seonghoon Lee, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char

Optical Materials Express, 2012, 2(5), 594-628.

  • Bright and Efficient Colloidal Quantum Dot based Light-Emitting Diodes with inverted structure

Jeonghun Kwak, Wan Ki Bae, Donggu Lee, Insun Park, Jaehoon Lim, Myeongjin Park, Hyunduck Cho, Heeje Woo, Do Y. Yoon, Kookheon Char, Seonghoon Lee, Changhee Lee

Nano Letters, 2012, 12 (5), 2362–2366.

  • Reusable Stamps for Printing Sub‐100 nm Patterns of Functional Nanoparticles

Seung Hyun Sung, Hyunsik Yoon, Jaehoon Lim, Kookheon Char

Small , 2012, 8, 826-831.


  • InP@ZnSeS, Core@Composition Gradient Shell Quantum Dots with Enhanced Stability

Jaehoon Lim, Wan Ki Bae, Donggu Lee, Min Ki Nam, Joohyun Jung, Changhee Lee, Kookheon Char, Seonghoon Lee

Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23, 4459-4463.

  • Polymeric Nanopillars Reinforced with Metallic Shells in the Lower Stem Region

Hyunsik Yoon, Moon Kyu Kwak, Sang Moon Kim, Seung Hyun Sung, Jaehoon Lim, Hyo Seon Suh, Kahp Y. Suh, Kookheon Char

Small , 2011, 7, 3005-3010.


  • Multicolored Light-Emitting Diodes Based on All-Quantum Dot Multilayer Films Using Layer-by-Layer Assembly Method

Wan Ki Bae, Jeonghun Kwak, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Min Ki Nam, Kookheon Char, Changhee Lee, Seonghoon Lee

Nano Letters, 2010, 10, 2368-2373.


  • Multilayer Deposition on Patterned Posts Using Alternating Polyelectrolyte Droplets in a Microfluidic Device

Misook Lee, Wook Park, Changkwon Chung, Jaehoon Lim, Sunghoon Kwon, Kyung Hyun Ahn, Seung Jong Lee, Kookheon Char

Lab on a Chip , 2010, 10, 1160-1166.


  • Characterization of Quantum Dot/Conducting Polymer Hybrid Films and Their Application to Light-Emitting Diodes

Jeonghun Kwak, Wan Ki Bae, Matthias Zorn, Heeje Woo, Hyunsik Yoon, Jaehoon Lim, Sang Wook Kang, Stefan Weber, Hans-Jürgen Butt, Rudolf Zentel, Seonghoon Lee, Kookheon Char, Changhee Lee

Advanced Materials, 2009, 21, 48, 5022-5026.


  • Deep Blue Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Cd1-xZnxS@ZnS Quantum Dots

Wan Ki Bae, Jeonghun Kwak, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Min Ki Nam, Kookheon Char, Changhee Lee, Seonghoon Lee,

Nanotechnology, 2009, 20, 7, 075202.

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